The Best Little Hose House in Virginia

​Chesapeake, VA  757-545-6166
Hampton, VA  757-224-1828

Proud supplier of the US Navy Shipbuilding and Repair Program.

We provide made in the USA, DFAR compliant quality products. Our professional staff is thoroughly trained on up to date military specs and requirements. 

Time costs money.  

Whether it’s a hose, tube or rubber gasket, we can provide your custom product quickly and professionally in a matter of minutes.  Call us to day and find out how.

BUSY? We make HOUSE calls. 

Custom hydraulic hoses made by trained professionals, on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Call the Hose Dr. for anything, anytime.




B&B Parker Store


412 Aberdeen Rd. 
Hampton Va. 23661 

Phone: 757-224-1828
Fax: 757-224-3199

Best Little Hose House


4604 Bainbridge Blvd. 
Chesapeake Va. 23320

Phone: 757-545-6166
Fax: 757-545-8703 

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